Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thodisi Safety Ho Jaaye 1

There are somethings that a photo of a teenage pair should not have. A kid is one of them. Use a rubber, erase it out of the frame. Use a rubber, ensure that a kid does not enter your life before you are ready.

We made this for an Ad Club activity in college for which the brief was to make a campaign to "encourage sexualy active teens to use protection".

Personaly, I believe that abstinance is the only 100% safe solution.


  1. interesting and fresh idea! this is specifically throwing light on teenage pregnancies only, and not overall protection, but i'm guessing it's because this is part of a series.

    minor copy edit: 'somethings' needs a space in between

  2. oh, ok. and yes, it was a part of a "teen pregnancies" series.