Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Five Days

Two root canals but no time for pain

A chance to get wet but no time to dance in the rain.

One movie but barely any time for more recreation

A feature to write but no time for inspiration.

A re-union where we watched memories win

A report to prepare but no inclination to begin.

Two dinner parties but no mood for ice creams

Just a brief moment in the middle of all that madness

to once again fall in love with the city of dreams.


  1. u still belong to the city of dreams,don't sound as if its no more a place of your's....

    but exact implication of what i saw of you this time around when you came..
    ironically i met you only once all through your week's stay!!

  2. thanks guys! my first attempt at attempted poetry. ;)

    @ Onkar, lol i know man! wer else cud i belong? and yes, it was a damn hectic week.