Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last Saturday evening I was sitting at Vohuman Cafe near Jehangir Hospital. And wondering. Wondering about why the hell were the walls plastered with posters of infants, babies , little children and similar recent additions to the human race. And about why there was a dog roaming inside the cafe. And about how it was so cramped inside. And also, how the waiter possessed the most important quality of a Pune waiter. The ability to avert your eyes whenever you needed him the most.

Then the cheese omelette, butter toast, jam toast, tea and bournvita arrived on the table.

And such trivialities ceased to matter.

This post dedicated to Vohuman Cafe for making a boring evening memorable. In conclusion, I would just like to say one thing :

There are four types of people in the world :
ACP Pradyuman,
And those who have indulged at Vohuman.

p.s. - Those of you who have had the tragic privilege of my personal acquaintance over a long period would know that this type of stuff is more or less the real, authentic form of Neilgiri. Probably the 1st time I have used it on the blog. Maybe I should use it more often....... ;)


  1. Oh yes. That please, early morning is even better. And, try having a conversation with the Uncle. Epic!

  2. well what should i say now??..
    only thing i could relate to was the P.S part :p

  3. Yes try talking to Hormuz(Uncle), one of the sweetest and surprisingly youthful fellow.
    mornings are better. Did you know Vohuman has been awarded the best cheese omlette award by BURP? ;)
    I have pictures of them on my facebook page. If at all you feel like showing what it looks like, you can put it up here.

  4. i will make a point and go early morning once..... and speak with the uncle there. but, i had heard that he is scary!!!
    and the BURP certificate is hung proudly on the wall at Vohuman!

    @ Veronica, thanks for the pic! but i dunno if i should use it right now.

  5. if you are going, please let me know! with mornings there, days get better.
    no issues, with the photo.