Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thodisi Safety Ho Jaye 2

About the children, the stork and the ostrich.
Thanks to the media, sex is everywhere. Sooner than ever before, your children are going to find out. Make sure that they do so from the right source, you. Their parents. Just iniate a conversation. Satisfy their curiosity. Because half knowledge can be more dangerous than we realise.

Part of the same series as the earlier one. This one is geared towards parents of teens and "tweens".

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thodisi Safety Ho Jaaye 1

There are somethings that a photo of a teenage pair should not have. A kid is one of them. Use a rubber, erase it out of the frame. Use a rubber, ensure that a kid does not enter your life before you are ready.

We made this for an Ad Club activity in college for which the brief was to make a campaign to "encourage sexualy active teens to use protection".

Personaly, I believe that abstinance is the only 100% safe solution.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Overheard @ SIMC

(based on the first thing I ever wrote for a blog. It was written a few months back for the batch blog, This is the revised version of the same.)
This is a tribute to all the legendary one-liners that we have heard in college so far. Some find place here for sheer quantity while the others are here because of their outstanding quality. However, please note that this is a list of the quotations that have been overheard by the authour which he finds funny or interesting. You may/may not connect with all of them. As it is, the author is renowned for his utter lameness and remarkably horrifying taste. Thus you are encouraged to come up with your own choices as well. Lastly, no offence intended to anyone at all in this whole concept. It is an um, ah... a labour of love.

“Because I am a sadist.” -ProfASer
“You will count the exact number of shots in this feature film. Not one more and not one less. And if you do so, you get a prize. You will get to survive.” -ProfASer
“You are 240 seconds late.” - Radi-yo!
“You tell me.” -PyaR
“The countdown begins” -PyaR
“There is greenery in India because Ashoka planted trees on both sides of the road. This is an example of ancient PR” -still PyaR
“OK.” -BCA
“OK” -still BCA
“OK” -BCA forever!
“I have no more stories to tell.” (yeah right!) -Mohan Sir
“With a modern context of reference logic, yeh mera dhanda hai! Aana hai to taiyyar hokar aao, nahi toh, bhad mein jao.” - Samar Slam

“Im a small town boy.” -Vishal Menda
“I come from a place near Chandigarh.” -Akanksha Arya (to the big boss sitting on the podium. Who replied by asking,”Doesnt it have a name?”)
“Basicaly, my life only has shades of grey.” – Adi “Lightroom” Akash
“Shit happens, dude. Its Pune mannn!” – (Controversial, who said that. But someone famously said that.)
“The lift was not working. I had to take the stairs. That is why im late. Please let me in just this one time!” – Any latecomer.
“My flight landed behind schedule. That is why im late. Please let me in just this one time!” – Koshtub Vohra
“The SIMC computers show a wrong time and run behind the actual time. That is why im late. Please let me in just this one time!” – Koshtub Vohra
“I had to go to the office regarding some work. That is why im late. Please let me in just this one time!” - No wonder he reached Harvard MUN.
“Uffff! You are so cheap!! GO DIE!! “ -Sreyashi Dey
“ Jaldi karo, jaldi karo!! Fast, fast!” – Everbody in the photo studio
“She is one of the most good looking girls in SIMC.” -Krishanu Jha (an ardent devotee of the Goddess Lakshmi)
“Mera aur uska kuch hone wala hai. :) ” - Go Krish!
“Mera aur uska kuch nahi hone wala hai. :( “ -Oh Krish!
“Im sorrdy if this sounds wrong, but.............” - Angi “the cool dude“ Chaudhary
“Set your priorities straight!” -Purnima
“You guyss! Listen up! “ -Trisha S.
“Ei, what re? ” - Malvika Asher.
“Felt like making a status update. On Facebook to be specific.” - Samyak, the most dedicated media trainee.
“Lets go to Faaso’s” -All smokers.
“Lets go to Camelot.” - Everyone who has graduted beyond that.
“Raaajeeev yaaaar! Dont play DOTA yaar!!” -Radhika G.
“ Net pe jaakar Liverpool ke baare mein padhiyo aur phir boliyo, ki Liverpool kya cheej hai, samjha ? ” - Madjurjya “YNWA” Saikia
“Sir, facebook kyun nahin khul raha hai??” - Standard Comp Lab querry
“Sir, please see my truck.” - Standard photoshop pracs request
“Its a PR stratergy.” - Yours truly.
“All hail the pussy stalker” - 402 K Productions Pvt Ltd.
“Wot yaar! No re!!! I DONT talk like that yaar.” -Neha P.
“Bravo! Bravo! Well done!” –Nandan
“I wont be judgemental. I wont bitch. I will clear out issues with the person involved rather than making a big matter out of it. I will make my parents proud” - The Panchgani Effect.
“Bhopu, Bhopu! Bhopu Bajega! Bhopu bajne wala hai! Bhopu baj raha hai! Bhopu ka baj gaya. ” - Team Dionysia
“Odh ke laal chunariya. Hai! .........” - Batch 2011

and my personal favourite :

“SIMC boys are such a dissapointment.” - (Most) SIMC girls till they get SIMC boyfriends.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Get Well Soon

For the chocolate and the cheese,

For the croissants and the salads,

For the Irish tea and the black coffee,

For the exotic patrons and the eclectic ambience,

For the red robes and the casual footwear,

For the fragrant aromas and the cheerful sounds,

and above all,

For all those brilliant memories and that service with an eternal smile,


- From a fan, admirer and well-wisher who comes from a city that has felt your pain on several earlier occasions. However, it bounces back. Each and every time. And continues running in the quest of her dreams as if there is no tomorrow. Hope you do the same! Because this simple act of standing up again and spreading a little more light and happiness in the world can speak a far more powerful language than all the Kalashnikovs and Falcons put together.

photo courtesy : Madhurjya Saikia

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to the Future

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much! It is a privilege to be here and receive this award. Thank you for all the love and support over the years everyone. It has indeed been overwhelming. I pray to God that I have the ability to keep you awesome people engaged, occupied and content with my stuff for a long time to come.
Today, even as I stand here and acknowledge all of you, I am reminded of the days when I decided to start the blog which has brought me to the venerated podium here. This very blog. Like every other enthusiastic media trainee around me back then, I too nurtured ambitions of a blog that would be widely visited and appreciated. And just like all of them, I too laid down certain rules and guidelines for me to follow. I still remember some of them :
· Keep it as short as possible.
· Avoid spreading more negativity and darkness.
· Remember that the world around could probably do with a little more wit and cheekiness.
· It could definitely do with some more humour. J
· But then, move beyond humour as well.
· Try and use images also. Not just words.
· Connect, collaborate, converge. J
· Update regularly.
Phew! So, something that would be smart and cheeky. (Wannabe) Matured but probably not dark. Downright thoughtful but randomly hilarious. About college life and also about the world beyond those semi-secure walls. A flair of Mumbai and a streak of Pune. A whiff of Ruia and a sniff of SIMC. A tinge of Santoor and a hint of DSRV. A lot of creativity and a bit of advertising along with a pint of the copywriter’s special. Not to mention a fruitful alliance with the creative designer. A lot of sensible nonsense for sure.
Well, that sounded like the perfect recipe for disaster. No way was it going to work! So ofcourse it worked. And worked very well at that.
Anyways, I have tried to stick to those rules as far as possible. And at the same time innovate. Over time, this list has evolved, changed and helped the blog bloom and triumph over my unending procrastination. Atleast that’s what I would like to believe.
And finaly, things must come to a full circle and so, I conclude on the same note that I began. I thank you. Family or friend. Acquaintance or stranger. For inspiring me. For visiting the blog. For reading this. For laughing at my jokes, however lame they may be. For having high expectations. For giving excellent suggestions. For cheering along whenever I do something good. For standing by my side when things are not so good. And for being there I thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Now having offloaded that off my chest and completed the formalities, let the blogging begin! Let Neilgiri begin!!