Saturday, April 17, 2010

Get Well Soon

For the chocolate and the cheese,

For the croissants and the salads,

For the Irish tea and the black coffee,

For the exotic patrons and the eclectic ambience,

For the red robes and the casual footwear,

For the fragrant aromas and the cheerful sounds,

and above all,

For all those brilliant memories and that service with an eternal smile,


- From a fan, admirer and well-wisher who comes from a city that has felt your pain on several earlier occasions. However, it bounces back. Each and every time. And continues running in the quest of her dreams as if there is no tomorrow. Hope you do the same! Because this simple act of standing up again and spreading a little more light and happiness in the world can speak a far more powerful language than all the Kalashnikovs and Falcons put together.

photo courtesy : Madhurjya Saikia


  1. woooah! You've described it so well, even while being far away from that city I can feel it right here.