Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One for Bhopu

Till a few days back, this was my DP on Facebook. A poster. Or, as I may call it now, an old poster.

Its been over a year since Dionysia happened now. But for me, it still remains special.
For one, it was the first time I had worked on something so big.
Moreover, it must have been one of my most creative periods at SIMC. Even this blog was started around that time.
Also, I got to meet and work with lots of brilliant people and made great friends.

Because long before things got so hyper, there was Dionysia.

Here is something I had written for the creatives at that time. I dont remeber what it was exactly. I think it was just a profile of the mascot.

Who : Bhopu

What : A funky creature who keeps having spontaneous outbursts. Has a loudspeaker (a bhopu) for a head. He is the one who stands up for what he knows is right. He is the one who believes in speaking up. Loud enough for everyone to hear. The one who asks all those uncomfortable questions. The one who demands the toughest of answers. The rebel with a vision. And maybe a solution.
Of course, he is the coolest of them all! \m/
 "Brand Ambassador of Dionysia 2010."

What about him : He is wanted. For having committed the grave crimes of : Speaking up! , Enlightening the masses, Spreading laughter, Thrilling the people; Holding them in absolute suspense; Emoting; and so on and so forth. He is wanted.
But not by the police or the CBI. By us. The society. By every element that shuns rationality. By everyone who underestimates the power of human emotions. By each one of those who are too scared to even listen to him. Maybe because they fear change or maybe they just lack the sense.

How to find him : Very simple. Look within yourself. Within your neighbour. Within each one of us. He is there. Lurking, prowling. Somewhere near your very soul. Waiting for the time when he can surface. Show himself. See and be seen. Hear, and be heard. Because he knows. That very soon there approaches a chance, a celebration dedicated solely to him which will dispense away all those who seek to hunt him down.

When : 2nd & 3rd April and a few other days before that.

Where : Symbiosis , Viman Nagar Campus.

Why should you care : “Yeh sawal tumhe humein nahin, apne aap se puchna chahiye.” In other words, you tell me! ;)

What happened actually is a different story altogether. Bhopu did turn up. And face an ambush he did. People dont like noise apparently. But for whatever time he was there, he did make us believe in that celebration of life called theatre.
And for that, we still remember him fondly.

Some of the others who spearheaded Dionysia were :
Naman Saraiya (it was his brainchild) :
Malvika Asher :

Thanks guys!