Sunday, April 18, 2010

Overheard @ SIMC

(based on the first thing I ever wrote for a blog. It was written a few months back for the batch blog, This is the revised version of the same.)
This is a tribute to all the legendary one-liners that we have heard in college so far. Some find place here for sheer quantity while the others are here because of their outstanding quality. However, please note that this is a list of the quotations that have been overheard by the authour which he finds funny or interesting. You may/may not connect with all of them. As it is, the author is renowned for his utter lameness and remarkably horrifying taste. Thus you are encouraged to come up with your own choices as well. Lastly, no offence intended to anyone at all in this whole concept. It is an um, ah... a labour of love.

“Because I am a sadist.” -ProfASer
“You will count the exact number of shots in this feature film. Not one more and not one less. And if you do so, you get a prize. You will get to survive.” -ProfASer
“You are 240 seconds late.” - Radi-yo!
“You tell me.” -PyaR
“The countdown begins” -PyaR
“There is greenery in India because Ashoka planted trees on both sides of the road. This is an example of ancient PR” -still PyaR
“OK.” -BCA
“OK” -still BCA
“OK” -BCA forever!
“I have no more stories to tell.” (yeah right!) -Mohan Sir
“With a modern context of reference logic, yeh mera dhanda hai! Aana hai to taiyyar hokar aao, nahi toh, bhad mein jao.” - Samar Slam

“Im a small town boy.” -Vishal Menda
“I come from a place near Chandigarh.” -Akanksha Arya (to the big boss sitting on the podium. Who replied by asking,”Doesnt it have a name?”)
“Basicaly, my life only has shades of grey.” – Adi “Lightroom” Akash
“Shit happens, dude. Its Pune mannn!” – (Controversial, who said that. But someone famously said that.)
“The lift was not working. I had to take the stairs. That is why im late. Please let me in just this one time!” – Any latecomer.
“My flight landed behind schedule. That is why im late. Please let me in just this one time!” – Koshtub Vohra
“The SIMC computers show a wrong time and run behind the actual time. That is why im late. Please let me in just this one time!” – Koshtub Vohra
“I had to go to the office regarding some work. That is why im late. Please let me in just this one time!” - No wonder he reached Harvard MUN.
“Uffff! You are so cheap!! GO DIE!! “ -Sreyashi Dey
“ Jaldi karo, jaldi karo!! Fast, fast!” – Everbody in the photo studio
“She is one of the most good looking girls in SIMC.” -Krishanu Jha (an ardent devotee of the Goddess Lakshmi)
“Mera aur uska kuch hone wala hai. :) ” - Go Krish!
“Mera aur uska kuch nahi hone wala hai. :( “ -Oh Krish!
“Im sorrdy if this sounds wrong, but.............” - Angi “the cool dude“ Chaudhary
“Set your priorities straight!” -Purnima
“You guyss! Listen up! “ -Trisha S.
“Ei, what re? ” - Malvika Asher.
“Felt like making a status update. On Facebook to be specific.” - Samyak, the most dedicated media trainee.
“Lets go to Faaso’s” -All smokers.
“Lets go to Camelot.” - Everyone who has graduted beyond that.
“Raaajeeev yaaaar! Dont play DOTA yaar!!” -Radhika G.
“ Net pe jaakar Liverpool ke baare mein padhiyo aur phir boliyo, ki Liverpool kya cheej hai, samjha ? ” - Madjurjya “YNWA” Saikia
“Sir, facebook kyun nahin khul raha hai??” - Standard Comp Lab querry
“Sir, please see my truck.” - Standard photoshop pracs request
“Its a PR stratergy.” - Yours truly.
“All hail the pussy stalker” - 402 K Productions Pvt Ltd.
“Wot yaar! No re!!! I DONT talk like that yaar.” -Neha P.
“Bravo! Bravo! Well done!” –Nandan
“I wont be judgemental. I wont bitch. I will clear out issues with the person involved rather than making a big matter out of it. I will make my parents proud” - The Panchgani Effect.
“Bhopu, Bhopu! Bhopu Bajega! Bhopu bajne wala hai! Bhopu baj raha hai! Bhopu ka baj gaya. ” - Team Dionysia
“Odh ke laal chunariya. Hai! .........” - Batch 2011

and my personal favourite :

“SIMC boys are such a dissapointment.” - (Most) SIMC girls till they get SIMC boyfriends.


  1. How about :
    " It's 'x' ka PR strategy " - Neil Chitnis
    " Oh My Ghosh! " - Still Neil Chitnis

  2. Hahahahahhahahahahahah!
    Controversial, whoever said that?? Hahaha.
    I like, I like.
    We should definitely add something from B-1's eventful life. :P

  3. I'm sorry if this sounds wrong, but this has just made me laugh so much, that I think I can finally pay attention in college.

    But then, maybe it was all an PR strategy in the first place.

    Love ya, Neil!

  4. waah waah....mazaa aa gaya!!! awesome man!! :D

  5. correction : its 405 K Productions. NOT 402 K. Applogies to the 405 maestros!

  6. lol! :D i haven't come out with any good one in a long time now....I just PEEP!