Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wall Talk

  • A conversation lifted from my current Display Picture on Facebook (the baap of all random creativity.) 

    Starring : Onkar S. B. & Neilgiri

    Here goes :

    hey chitnis,leave those walls alone
    All n all its just another picture with the wall..

    or is it dt u suddenly started loving RAHUL DRAVID??!!

    or mayb u r an AMITABH fan (2 pictures by the name DEEWAR) :p

    is it great WALL of symbiosis??
    u shook hands with the Chinese soldier, didnt u?

    n btw they just say it DEEWARO k kaan hote hai, aisa asal mein nahi hota..

    u n conrad together will b known as
    "PAAVte WAAL" !! hahahaha get it the vegetable :p

    i hope this DEEWAR doesn't come between our friendship :p
    kyuki koi DEEWARE hume alag nahi kar sakti

    soon walls there will read

    your fav game from now on wld be
    "WALLy ball" hahahaha

    change ur surname to WALLaWALLkar..
     u'l b related to gogi thn :p

     @ Onkar & Conrad, believe me, the only reason why this is my DP is that it is somebody's laptop WALLpaper. :P ;)

     @ Conrad : a few of the photography students here love experimenting with walls in the background. So, I have just been WALLunteering as a model for them over time! ;)
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     but dont worry. I am a very cool person. So I pose only in front of QUALITY WALLS!
     and Im a media student. Dont I look like an intern from the WALL Street Journal? :P

     or no. Maybe I should just stick to advertising and try for J. WALLter Thompson or some place similar....

     just bcoz i dont have a WALLrus mustache like Piyush Pandey doesnt mean I wont make a good copywriter, ok!

     if nothing else, I will write an epic like the Ramayana. because i am inspired by Sant WALLmiki !!! :D :D :D

     hahahahaha!!!!! LMAO!!!! lol, this conversation is completely paisa vasool!! worth every rupee in my WALLet! :P

     its like THE-WAR (deewar) of lame wall jokes!

     why am I so witty? I eat a WALLnut every morning! :P

     if these jokes make me rich, Im gonna buy a flat at WALLkeshwar!
     My jokes are SO unpredictable!!! Even Bejan DaruWALLa cant predict what the next twist is going to be...... ;)

     Dil WALLe dulhaniya le jayenge

     shiney ahuja & his tales with his kaamWALLi

     u travel between pune n mumbai in a

     no, my favorite dance form is not the WALLtz

     i love listening music on big WALLume

     and my favorite animation movie is Kung Fu Panda. Not Wall E !

     fuck nobody liked my WALLaWALLkar joke man :(

    nobody likes ANY of my jokes!! :'(

     they should stop being such Bricks! ;)

     these jokes are so hilarious that even Lord WALLdemort would find them funny!

    *Takes a bow*