Sunday, July 18, 2010

Down the River

Floating down the river,

He can hear the knell of that distant waterfall.

Yet he is calm. Almost serene.

People are shouting at him from the shores. Pleading him to stop.
Pull over while he can. While there is time.

But he knows that he cant.

What do they know of the thrill?
Of the joy of floating down that river.

Of the journey to that magical land far, far away
from where he can scorn at the hypocrisy of the world beneath.

All they care about is the fall at the end.

They will all have to go down it anyways.

Meanwhile, the current becomes stronger
and he hurtles ahead quicker than ever.

But he couldn’t care less.

His magical world awaits.

There is war, there is terror, there are earthquakes and then there is teenage smoking. But as the big boss once said, you can wake up somebody who is sleeping. How the hell do you wake up someone who is pretending to sleep?

Concept and Design : Malvika Asher
Photography : Aditya Akash


  1. well a masterpiece though!!
    really great concept,BRAVO yet again!!
    awesome man.simply marvelous!!

    P.S.- Hope I wasn't the inspiration ;)

  2. Great. Design couldv'e been finer.

  3. Brilliant. I love the great man part!