Monday, May 3, 2010

Redrawing History

The brief :
From the bank of 50 pics, select 5 that depict a story. Write a 100 words narative explaining the story.

the outcome :

Maharaja Harisingh was a troubled man.

For some days, he had been discovering pieces of paper with queer designs in his garden. He simply could not decipher anything from them.

He sent these to the wisest men in the kingdom asking for an explanation. A philosopher arrived in the royal court with an answer. He said that the dark, angry looking figures could mean only thing. This was a warning from the Gods to the Maharaja to run away from his kingdom as the people were plotting to kill him for being most apathetic. That night he fled away, never to return.

With the inefficient ruler gone, people decided to keep electing people from amongst themselves to run the state. This system worked and after a long time, the farmers had a bumper harvest.

One day, it was found that it was the royal gardener’s son, Demo who had drawn the designs that had scared away the Maharaja. Thus, they decided to name their new system after his drawings : Demo-crazy.


  1. :) thanks!! i was a bit aprehensive that it was bcuming very Sherlock Holmes-ish around d 2nd pic.

  2. Woah...that was amazing...very innovative :)

  3. dude,dude,dude,dude!!!!
    no words,seriously,no words!!!
    saying any damn adjectives on this earth will be an understatement